Denomination SOTO-ZEN
Head Temples Fukui Eihei-ji Head Temple
  Founder Master Dogen
Yokohama Soji-ji Head Temple (Japanese Page)
  Founder Master Keizan
Dedicate to Śākyamuni (in:Pali) (Siddhārtha Gautama in Sanscrit)
Foundation Around 1560
Founder Daishuuchouyo osho invited from Ryuusanji
Built by 5th Terao castellan Suwamikawanokami Umanosuke, who was serving under the house of Hojo in Odawara
Tradition Dharma brought by Śākyamuni Buddha was conveyed to China by Bodhidharma, and bloomed as Zen. It was brought to Japan by Dogen Zenji as Soto Zen during Kamakura period. The dharma was propagated widely throughout Japan by Keizan Zenji.
Dharma People naturally hold dharma within the self. Zen practice is to appreciate and read the sutras (Buddha's teaching), to simply practice zazen, to quest for truth within the self, to realize the self being unified with nature (universe), then to make the most of one's vital life.